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When artists play major shows they don't have time to stop and tune a guitar or bass. The continual stopping would interrupt the flow of the music (we've all been to those gigs). That's why most major acts engage guitar and bass technicians whose job it is to make sure all instruments stay tuned and set up to play perfectly.

The instrument the artist chooses to play directly affects a tech's quality of life. A wreck of an instrument that won't stay in tune will take longer to wrangle during the show - and after it. The tech appreciates an instrument that is well built and stable as much as the artist does because it makes their lives a lot less stressful.

For this reason, the tech's recommendation holds a lot of sway with artists open to trying new instruments. In fact, techs have helped open the door to relationships with some of our biggest endorsers, including U2's Adam Clayton.

Read the interview with Geoff Templeton, who helps keep Lakland's low end tools in prime playing condition for the Foo Fighters.



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