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Are you a Lakland Enthusiast? Would you like to see yourself here? If so we'd be happy to include you! Simply email us a horizontal photo, your name, the name of your band, which Lakland gear you play, and any relevant web links. It's that easy!

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Chris Addison

NAME: Chris Addison
WITH: Rift
GEAR: 55-94

NAME: Klaas Aldenhoven
WITH: Nederlandstalige band Ruizzz GEAR: Skyline Darryl Jones 4 string & 5 string

NAME: Mylo Anthony
GEAR: 55-02

Doug Antonacci

NAME: Doug Antonacci
WITH: Late Arrival; Independant
GEAR: Jones Signature Model

Doug Antonacci

NAME: Reynaldo Aquino
WITH: Buena Tierra
GEAR: 55-01

Jason Avakian

NAME: Dan Ascher
WITH: Wichita; Bandwidth
GEAR: Jones Signature Model

Jason Avakian

NAME: Jason Avakian
WITH: Soulfill
GEAR: 55-01

NAME: Gerry Babo
WITH: The JC Trio
GEAR: 44-94 Fretless; 55-02

Steve 'Dude' Barr

NAME: Alexander Barchetta
WITH: Hydro
44-01, 55-01

Steve 'Dude' Barr

NAME: Steve “Dude” Barr
GEAR: Decade

Stefano Meroni

NAME: Oscar Barrientos
WITH: Music Box
GEAR: 55-01

Mike Bass

NAME: Mike Bass
WITH: Basanotis
GEAR: 44-02

NAME: Bobby Bax
GEAR: 55-02

Marco Benetazzo

NAME: Marco Benetazzo
WITH: Delanada; Dosquetres
GEAR: Jones Signature Model

Marco Benetazzo

NAME: Jason Bell
WITH: Levity
GEAR: 55-02 Deluxe

NAME: Chris Belshaw
WITH: Sonny Black,Dave Hay,Robin Bibi,Independent
55-94 Deluxe

Aaron Bishop

NAME: Aaron Bishop
WITH: Tyrone Wells
GEAR: Osborn Signature Model

Eric Bishop

NAME: Eric Bishop
GEAR: 55-94; Hollowbody Deluxe;
Jones Signature Model; Decade; 44-64

Sammy Blair

NAME: Sammy Blair
WITH: James Manion Group (Molly Hatchet guitarist), Diamond & Steed Band
GEAR: 55-01, 55-02 Deluxe

Andy Bladen

NAME: Andy Bladen
WITH: All Saints Worship Band
GEAR: 55-02 Deluxe

Ben Blascoe

NAME: Ben Blascoe
WITH: The Least of These
GEAR: 44-01

NAME: Marco Bojorquez
WITH: The Big Bang Orchestra; The Matt McCarthy Band; Fusion Gitana
GEAR: Custom 55-01

Helena Bouchez

NAME: Perry Bolin
WITH: Lifepoint Church Worship Arts Team  Smyrna TN Campus
GEAR: Skyline Series - Duck Dunn Model

Helena Bouchez

NAME: Helena Bouchez
WITH: Kathy Reichert, David Hodge
GEAR: Custom DJ/4-94; 44-02 (fretless); Skyline Hollowbody; Bob Glaub

Bernard Boutet

NAME: Bernard Boutet
WITH: InterMED; Remember Elvis
GEAR: Scheff Signature Model; Glaub Signature Model

Martyn Bowell

NAME: Martyn Bowell
WITH: Dakaraius, Crimson Tide
GEAR: 55-02 Deluxe

Neal Bowen

NAME: Neal Bowen
WITH: Neal Bowen Trio
GEAR: Osborn Signature Model
Fretted and Fretless

Jim Bowman

NAME: Marti Bowley
WITH: Anoraklight
GEAR: Osborn Signature Model

Jim Bowman

NAME: Jim Bowman
WITH: The Malones
GEAR: 44-02 Deluxe; Osborn Signature Model; Jones Signature Model

Thomas Brandstaeter

NAME: Thomas Brandstaeter
GEAR: 44-01

Thomas Brandstaeter

NAME: Mike Breier
WITH: Fourteen Feet
GEAR: 55-02 Deluxe

NAME: Shaun Bridgman
WITH: Cliff Lift & The ZigZags
GEAR: 4-94

Steve Breman

NAME: Steve Breman
WITH: Shiner Jones
GEAR: Osborn Signature Model; Glaub Signature Model

NAME: Stan Bunstock
WITH: Heading Due West
GEAR: 55-01

Sammy Blair

NAME: Shannon Burgess
WITH: Shacktown Road
GEAR: DJ5, Joe Osborn 4, Duck Dunn 4

Don Burns

NAME: Don Burns
GEAR: 55-02

Bob Burrows

NAME: Bob Burrows
WITH: Heather Edwards Band
GEAR: 54-02 (2)







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