Mike Gordon

Name: Christoph Schuster

Lakland Gear: 55-94, 55-94, 4-94, Osborne Sig, Osborne Sig

My name is Christoph Schuster and I am a professional bass player / bass instructor from Austria / Europe.

I´ve been playing Lakland basses since the late 1990´s. For me they just feel so right. The sound of your basses is incredible. I think it´s justified to say this because I have also a few of other basses which I pull out from time to time just to realize that nothing even comes close to my 5 USA LAKLAND basses. I´ve been using Lakland basses on stage and in the studio for the last 6 years.

Here are some of the projects I am currently involved in:

the school where I teach

Longfield Gospel Choir Gospel

KORNFELD 70´s Revival Show Band

A 2 1/2 German Pop/Rock songs

PRIMETIME Top 40, LasVegas Show

Jonny´s Combo Dance Music


1991-1995 Conservatory Vienna / Austria Bachelor of Music
1995-1996 Western Kentucky University / USA additional studies
1996-1998 Training as a Music Teacher / Austria Bachelor of Education
1998-2001 University of Derby / England Master of Education, Master of Music


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