Lakland Joe Osborn Signature Bass Review, Guitar World's Bass Guitar Magazine, 2005
Excerpt: "The neck is the smoothest I've ever laid hands on..."

The Famous Five
Bass Guitar Magazine, Summer 2003
NOTE: This is a .PDF file, which requires the Adobe Acrobat to view.

Lakland Jerry Scheff Signature Bass Review
Bass Player Magazine, November 2001
Excerpt: "The broad range of unique tones makes the Scheff particularly useful in special situations that call for distinctive sounds..."

Lakland Joe Osborn Signature Bass Review
Music Biz Magazine, June 2001
Excerpt: "When the plain, nondescript and brown-wrapped package from Chicago landed on my doorstep, I had no idea I was in for a real treat..."

Lakland Hollowbody Deluxe Review
Bass Player Magazine, May 2001
Excerpt: "If you're getting that hollow feeling ... check out the Lakland..."

Lakland Bob Glaub Signature Bass Review
Bass Player Magazine, July 2000
Excerpt: "Lakland hasn't reinvented the wheel with the Bob Glaub Signature, but the wheel rolls better than ever..."

Getting To First Bass: Dan Lakin
Bass Player Magazine, January 2000
Excerpt: "The first Lakland bass spent a fair amount of time on the bandstand. 'I was playing in a Grateful Dead cover band,' notes Dan, 'and we were gigging fairly often. Right from the start I was pleased with the wide range of useable sounds. It could get close to both a Jazz Bass and a Stingray, but it also had a sound of its own...'"

Lakland Joe Osborn Signature Bass Product Profile
Bass Player Magazine, February 1999
Excerpt: "Close inspection of our test bass revealed finicky attention to detail..."

Lakland Standard 4-94 Review
Gitarre & Bass, December 1997
Excerpt: "Without question, the Lakland reaches the highest level of quality and is made with the best woods..."

Lakland Deluxe 55 5-String Review
Bass Player Magazine, January 1997
Excerpt: "A versatile bass with a killer B..."

Lakland Deluxe 55 Series
Gitarre & Bass, December 1996
Excerpt: "In short, it's a terrific bass guitar, and by no means just for the cognoscenti."

Lakland Deluxe 4-String Review
Bass Player Magazine, May/June 1995
Excerpt: "The Lakland has an ultra-smooth, already-broken-in feel that melts in your hand. With its resonant body, custom-built bridge, and responsive string-through-body design, the Deluxe is a player's dream..."

Lakland 55-94 Review
Australian Guitar Magazine
Excerpt: "Well done Dan Lakin - you da man! The Lakland 55-94 is, without a doubt, the best realized bass guitar (and quite possibly the best realized solid body electric instrument) I have ever encountered..."

Decade and Hollowbody Review
Bass Guitar Magazine
Excerpt: " With a set of Lakland flatwound strings, the Decade had a glassy top end reminiscent of a warm tube amp, with strong midrange presence and bottom. Switching over to Lakland stainless steel roundwounds, the bass developed an mean streak..."

The Bass Whisperer Reports:
Lakland Skyline 55-02 Deluxe Amber Quilt/Maple Fingerboard 5-String Bass
Excerpt: When Lakland first introduced the 55-94 bass, it seriously raised the bar in the world of high-end 5-strings. It had boutique quality and cool factor, but was definitely inspired by two very traditional instruments..."



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